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Upgrade to command

Upgrade to command

Airbus A320
BAe 146 / Avro RJ
Embraer 135/145/Legacy
Embraer 170/190/Lineage

While leading a complex aircraft in a complex environment, the aeroplane commander finds him/herself in a very demanding position. The upgrade course training focusses on specific technical and operational aspects and also highlights use of Crew Resource Management (CRM). The course can be integrated into a type rating training course or added to a recurrent training.


To enrol in our upgrade to command course, first officers have to meet the following prerequisites:

  • Have the minimum level of experience specified in the operations manual
  • Valid MPL or CPL(A) and a multi-engine IR for aeroplanes (incl. MCC) with 1500hrs flight time
  • The operator shall only designate a flight crew member to act as pilot-in-command if she/he has adequate knowledge of the route or area to be flown and of the aerodromes, facilities and procedures to be used
  • Completed an operator's command course if upgrading from co-pilot to commander/pilot-in-command
  • License with relevant type rating incl. instrument rating
  • Valid language proficiency check unless revalidated during the course
  • Valid passport or ID and updated (electronic) logbook to verify recent/last flight activity


Upon completion of this upgrade to command course the applicant will demonstrate the level of theoretical knowledge and skills required for the safe operation of the aeroplane as pilot-in-command.

Regulatory compliance

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• EASA Part. FCL.505 und FCL.510.A ATPL(A)
• EASA Part ORO.FC.205
• EASA Part ORO.FC.105

A certificate will confirm the attendance of the course.


  • Theoretical knowledge instruction "Technical systems"
  • Full-flight simulator training in agreement with operator
  • Full-flight simulator according recurrent program of SAT (incl. OPC or skill test for ATPL if required)


  • 16 hours CBT Systems
  • 5 days FFS 4 hours a session plus briefing and debriefing