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Right hand seat qualification

Right hand seat qualification

Airbus A320
BAe 146 / Avro RJ
Embraer 135/145/Legacy
Embraer 170/190/Lineage

To gain greater flexibility in different flight operations commanders can be qualified to operate in either pilots seat.


Valid type rating with command endorsement for the aircraft where the either seat qualification is sought.


After the training the participant will operate the airplane safely from either pilots seat and perform his duties efficient irrespective of the position of seating.

Regulary compliance

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  • ORO.FC.135 Pilot qualification to operate in either pilot's seat
  • ORO.FC.235 Pilot qualification to operate in either pilot's seat
  • GM1 ORO.FC.235(f);(g) Pilot qualification to operate in either pilot's seat


Practical manoeuvre training of the aircraft flown from the right hand seat. This includes all kinds of abnormal procedure handling (e.g. engine failures above engine failure recognition speed V1, one engine inoperative (OEI) go around as well as OEI landings.


4 hours FFS (it can be integrated into a recurrent training or extended to more than one session)