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Behaviour and appearance

Behaviour and appearance

Your employees learn how to use their appearance for the benefit of the company when dealing with customers.  They receive many tips on the appropriate clothing and the right body language. At a beauty salon, men learn about modern male grooming and women are advised on businesslike makeup.

Our trainers are qualified to teach adults and have many years of experience training flight personnel working for airlines and other high-profile companies. They also take part in basic or further training in cosmetics.


Your company benefits from a positive image: the customer likes to see perfectly dressed and well-groomed employees.

Target Audience

This course is intended for companies with employees who have customer contact.


The course can be combined with or supplemented by the module ‹‹Business Etiquette – Modern Manners››, or with other modules.


The course lasts between three and five hours, depending on the required scope and content.


Module 1: Appearance and behaviour when in uniform or company work clothes

  • The first impression and the impact it can have
  • How to wear a uniform/work clothes correctly (groomed hair and nails, clean shoes, no piercings, no chewing gum etc.)
  • What the company expects of its employees in uniform/work clothes
  • Tips for ensuring a stylish and professional appearance for staff with direct customer contact

Module 2: Body language and non-verbal communication

  • Introduction to body language
  • Perception and interpretation
  • Non-verbal communication and its constituent parts
  • What to pay attention to in dealings with others
  • Eye language
  • Eye contact
  • Poise and foot positions
  • Facial expressions
  • Gestures/hands
  • Seating posture at meetings and other work-related events
  • Voice and intonation
  • Respecting personal space

Module 3: Appearance and behaviour in the healthcare sector

This module takes certain aspects of the general rules of business etiquette and adapts them to the needs of the healthcare sector, enabling participants to feel confident and secure in all their dealings with patients and their families today. It also includes instruction on their employer’s dress code and on the importance of hygiene.

Module 4: Body care from head to toe

  • Sweating
  • Sun protection
  • Looking after the legs
  • How to achieve a natural, day-to-day make-up look
  • Hand and nail care
  • Treating nail problems
  • Manicures & nail polishes